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I have a GNU (MingW32) Compiler for C and C++ that have downloaded this software from Net.

1)What is the expansion for the acronym GNU and what's the difference between C++ and GCC.

2)I have discrepencies in finding the #include files for grpahics (like 'graphics.h' in Turbo and Borland C's).  I have already searched for those files and found that graphics.h is not in the include directory.

3)Which files have to be included, when I use GNU for Graphics in C.
1 Solution
1.) GNU is GNU is Not Unix (strange but it is so) gcc = Gnu CC
2.) It depends on what graphic library you have X, Open GL. Look for X11 or gl in your include dir.
3.) same as 2.

MingW32 does not have a library like the BGI stuff (graphics.h) ... If you want to program graphics in windows you will need whole other tactics..
hari79Author Commented:
Hi rbr,

You told that GNU is Not UNIX.  Then it is mean for what?  Can u explain me the actual expansion for GNU (like GUI).  I have serached for files of type 'x11' and the file was not found in the include directory.  I have no knowledge about Open GL.  Tell me more info about OpenGL and applications that using OpenGL.

See Free Software Foundation, Cambridge MA.  GNU stands for "GNU's Not Unix",
a self-referential acronym.  FSF founder Richard Stallman gets the credit.

GCC is a compiler for C++ (and C).  The difference is between a compiler and a language.

GCC (and versions like MingW32) will not have the special purpose libraries like those supplied with Borland C.  These are supplied by the compiler vendor, not standard libraries.  If you want to do graphics, you will need to chose which GUI you want. You can use the Win32 GUI (if windows.h is supplied), or you may use a different GUI, like X11.  There are versions of X which run on Win32.
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