What is ATOM or TATOM??

What is ATOM or TATOM??
What  to  use it  in Windows??
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This is easy, I provide you an answer to your question and you can grade it (what have done actually when you read this). BTW: Pleas, think a moment about the grade you will give to the answer. This grade should reflect how you consider the quality of the answer.

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an atom is just a string stored in tables by Windows. Actually, the atom is an ID for a string registered by calls like AddAtom. There are two types of atoms available, global and local atoms. Local atoms are available only for the process which registered them, while global atoms can be used for interprocess communication, without the need to use a mutex or similar. Local atoms are deleted automatically when a process finishs while global atoms will not (the application which created the atom has to delete it or it will stay persistent until system reboot).

You won't need atoms, though, very often as Delphi has a better string management and other means for interprocess communication than strings are available (mutex in particular).

TAtom is just the Delphi equivalent of an atom ID.

Ciao, Mike
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How I can to give your point for  explain??
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