VB distribution disk problem ( for setup program)

When I create a setup disk  (installation version). Most of time, setup program encounters violation error.
It is due to the related used by system, but the setup program intend to overwrite the old system file (DLL), but at that time it is used by system.

What kind of scrip I can use in setup.lst to avoid the problem as said as above --- violation error in some system DLL file.

How to deal with a problem in setup.lst or where can find resource to solve these problem.
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How about,

 - when running setup ensure all applications are closed.
 - when installing an updated version of your system, ensure you 'remove' the old from contorl panel first.
 - if the same dll is giving you problems everytime, try and end the task from the task manager. If that fails, you could try rebooting to dos (95/98) and deleting the file.

i think you have to restart windows after changing them in some way

let me search for you

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