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Format Cell - Cell Shading Removes Grid Lines

Re Excel97
I want to colour cells (Format cell - patterns) - however when I do so the grid lines disappear.
I know I could manually put borders around the cells - but
this would mean that they would print out aswell - I don't want that.
I just want to see the grid lines for layout purposes.
Any ideas anyone?
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Obviously the cell address indication on the left upper corner is not good enough for your needs. If your spreadsheet is very long and/or wide, you might want to try the split window feature to have your own row and/or column titles always visible. Helps you to mantain the overview. If unsure what I mean, ask back.


When you apply a pattern to a cell, the gridlines will diappear. Sorry, that's just the way it is. Here is a trick that may be ok as a work-around...

1. Select an empty non-colored area with same row height and column width as the one you want colored.

2. Hold down Shift while clicking the Edit menu. Choose 'Copy picture' - OK

3. Select first cell of colored area and do Edit-Paste (or Ctrl+V).

4. Right-click the inserted picture, choose 'Format Picture'

5. Click 'Properties' tab. Uncheck 'Print object'.

OK. Done.

Problem 1: The cells cannot be selected by clicking them, because the picture lies on top of them. Cells can be selected by going there with arrow keys, though.

Problem 2: The picture can easily be moved by mistake. If you protect the sheet (Tools - Protection - Protect Sheet - OK) you won't be able to mess with the picture.

Ture Magnusson
Karlstad, Sweden
capital052798Author Commented:
Thanks for your work around - its the best solution I can see - but it does have lots of drawbacks.
Resizing of columns messes it up despite setting  properties "move and size with cells" .
Also if you want to go on and format cells with borders etc.
the overlaid picture obscures this.

re cri's comments - the reason I want to see the grid lines
is purely psychological - rather than for navigation purposes
besides which LOTUS 123 retains the grid lines after colouring and I have worked with this a lot too.
thanks capital
Truly amazing reason. You must be very recently drafted to serve on board of the Microsoft galley... >8-P
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