Lots of Service Packs

How do I find how many and what Service Packs (for Win98) I have installed on my machine recently?
(A lot anyway...)
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nesha, there are two methods by which you can determine the updates installed.

To determine which updates have been applied to your computer from the Microsoft Windows Update Web site, use either of the following methods:
Method 1
1. Click Start, and then click Windows Update.
2. Click Yes when you receive the following prompt:
      Windows Update

This program can determine what components are installed on your computer, and whether new components, upgrades, or enhancements are available, specific to your computer. This check is done without sending any information to Microsoft.
      Would you like to check now?
3. Click Download History to view a complete list of completed updates and when they were installed.
Method 2
1. Click Start, point to Find, click Files Or Folders, type "wulog.txt" (without quotation marks) in the Named box, and then click Find Now.


If you go to Windows Update, hit the website, choose th update section like you have, there is an option that lists what files you have installed.

neshasAuthor Commented:
Both method worked and they were 'in front of my nose'...

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