Stored Procedures slower after upgrade to SQL 7

This weekend we upgraded a 150+ user SQL 6.5 system to 7.  There are multiple Stored Procedures that are running considerably slower on the system since the upgrade.  Is there anything to document this problem?  What can be done to fix it?
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gmoriakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sp_recompile table_name
where table_name is the name of a commonly used table.  Run it for each of your commonly used tables.  Any SP's using the table will be recompiled and possibly quicker next time they run.

If that doesn't work, ISQL in version 7 has a new feature called Index Analysis.  Run your query using this and it may find an index you should add.

I had a similar problem upgrading from 4.2 to 6.0 years ago.  A SP that had taken 15 seconds began to take 5 minutes to run.  It the process of improving the SQL engine the compiler no longer handler my query syntax very well.  I rewrote the SQL and was able to fix the problem.  I suspect that this is what is happening to you now.  If you need help, post the SQL and I may be able to help optimize.
stevenvanooyenAuthor Commented:
I think you are right on track.  We discovered that an index (3-field PK) was returning very slow.  My guess is that it wasn't being used.  We rebuilt that key on that table and checked all of the others.  That made a huge difference.  
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