Database results using Access database

I am querying an Access database using the database results webbot. The results format shows each field in the result set. One of those fields is a memo field (formatted as LONGVARCHAR). However, when the results are presented to the screen, all the formatting (e.g., paragraphs) is gone, and that field is one long run-on text. Is there a way to keep the formatting when presented to the screen via the database results?
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Asume that your field name is "user". Look in HTML source code, you'll see this line. (Each line is representing for a field in the recordset)

If Not IsEmpty(fp_rs) And Not (fp_rs Is Nothing) Then Response.Write CStr(fp_rs("user"))

You have to change it like this:
If Not IsEmpty(fp_rs) And Not (fp_rs Is Nothing) Then Response.Write Convert(CStr(fp_rs("user")))

And the funtion Convert is:
  Function Convert(strSource)
     strDest = strSource

'Add newline tag
     strDest = Replace(strDest, Chr(13), "<br>"&Chr(13))

'Change multi space into space tag
     strDest = Replace(strDest, "  ", " &nbsp;")
     strDest = Replace(strDest, "&nbsp; ", "&nbsp;&nbsp;")
     Convert = strDest
  End Function


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