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Computer Freezes.

Computer will freeze while running certain programs like de-frag, virus scan, etc. It is completely random! Also I have problems turning on my computer, I have to turn it on and off several times before it will boot. I used to have the CIH virus but I got a new hard drive now. Can my BIOS chip be the problem? How can I fix it?  

Cyrix MII 300     64SDRAM     7 Gig HD      Win 98    
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The CIH or "W32.cih.spacefiller" virus is known to infect the BIOS chip on a computer if the chip is write-enabled.  It infects Windows 95/98/NT files in the PE or 'Portable Executable' file format.  It is set to trigger on the 26th of any given month to try to overwrite the BIOS chip and fill your hard drive with garbage, thereby making your computer unusable.  I would recommend that you use a new virus program with updated virus definition files to clean your computer.  If you are using DOS or Win 95/98 I suggest you boot from a floppy and run the virus scan from floppies, since your system files are probably infected. If you are using NT I would try to remotely connect and scan from another machine.  Also, contact the maker of your motherboard and Flash update the BIOS if possible, then write-protect the BIOS chip (usually set in CMOS setup options or with a jumper switch on the motherboard).  Good luck.
I do not think that the CIH virus is the cause of any of these problems. CIH attacks two things, your hard drive or your BIOS, you have replaced your HD, and your BIOS is working for the simple fact that your pc does boot, albeit, not well.

I would suggest that you disregard previous CIH infection and look at other posibilities. Unless you do not know where you got infected by the CIH virus. You may have reinstalled the virus back into resident memory, in that case, get a CIH disinfection program, and see if it is back.

otherwise, have you looked at these items?

Do you, or have you, recently defragged your drive? Defragging sorts out alot of trubbas.

Have you loaded any new software onto the system since the new HD was installed? I know that you would have reinstalled all of the previous software, but anything that was not on the pc before CIH struck? a new program, even a trusted one can cause lotsa trubbas.

Have you ensured that all of the connections inside the pc are intact and seated properly? Loose or improper connections will get ya every time.

How old is the PC, Mother, Power supply? A dying power supply would cause start-up problems.

Did you experience any problems when you reloaded Win98? If so, then I would suggest that you reload it, and see if that helps.

If you have tried all of the above, and the same problems persist, I would say try what conlont said.

Good luck.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
What operating system are you running?  Since installing the SETI@HOME program (perhaps you haven't even heard of it), I've seen 3 NT boxes experience freezing problems at random intervals.  The solution has been to upgrade to Windows 2000 or reinstall NT4.  Of course if you're not using NT and/or SETI@HOME, this doesn't apply to you.  (In which case, everyone should treat it as an FYI).
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