Reinstall win98(keeping current docs.}

I need to reinstall win 98 and keep all my saved documents. I just installed a new M.B. & cpu & Iam getting the vmm32.VXD error & it says it won't run windows without it & goes to C: I been trying things for 2 days  the file is in the windows\system.ini . I need to get this computer going soo I think reloading win98 is the best way. When I go to command promp only I don't have my cd rom. HELP!
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bverheesConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You might already have tried this one, if not it might solve your problem:

Even though the error message says that vmm32.vxd cannot be found, the file might be damaged. To correct this use 'extract' to get the original file from the .cab files (if you don't know how to use extract, just run extract from a dos box to get help on options and switches) If you can get into Windows in safe mode, use System File Checker to extract the missing file from the Windows 98 CD-ROM as follows:

Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Information.

On the Tools menu, click System File Checker.

Click "Extract one file from installation disk," type the name of the file you want to extract in the "Specify the system file you would like to restore" box, and then click Start.

In the Restore From box, type the path to the Win98 folder on the Windows 98 CD-ROM. Type the destination folder in the Save File In box if necessary, and then click OK.

Click OK, click OK, and then click Yes when you are prompted to restart your computer.

First you will need the WIN CD unless you still have the setup.exe in the CAB files if you have CAB files.
If you have your Windows 98 boot disk (normally created during upgrade) it should allow you to access the CD-ROM from the dos prompt.

What is the error message you are getting about the vmm32.vxd file.  Is it :
  "VMM32.VXD is required to run Windows. If this file is not in your PATH, you may need to reinstall Windows." ?

Before you reinstall, is your copy an OEM version?
RM, it's been nearly four whole months!

Anyway, kindly reject bverhees proposed answer, as the VMM32.VXD file is not on the Windows 98 CD-ROM and cannot be extracted. The VMM32.VXD file is built by Windows 95/98 during the installation process and it interacts with your systems Bios and what it reports each time your system boots. Therefore, if you've changed out the motherboard and it isn't very similar, if not identical, to your previous board, the system will go to an error.

What you are proposing to do can be done in rare instances, but 95% of the time system problems will develop.

If you want to go forward with a reload of Windows 98, here's how you can do it, but you might want to read my suggestions further down.

1. Boot your system to your Windows 98 Emergency Boot Disk and choose CD Rom support.

2. Change directories to \Windows\System and rename VMM32.VXD to VMM32.old.

3. Insert your Win98 cd rom into the drive, and at the dos prompt, type D:\setup <enter>

Note: If choosing cd rom support does not permit you to use your cd rom drive, then check your config.sys and autoexec.bat for the appropriate drivers, copy them to your floppy and then insert the necessary lines in your config.sys and autoexec.bat.

My suggestion:

If you have a number of files and documents you need to save to preclude their loss, you can still copy them to a floppy unless you have an enormous number of them. If this is the case, install a small hard drive and copy them using the dos Xcopy command.

Once you have what you need, run a fresh Fdisk and format and then reinstall Win98.



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