vmm32.vxd missing/unable to load

When I reboot I often recieve the message "vmm32.vxd missing/unable to load, press any key to continue." after the Windows95 splash screen appears the first time.  Pressing a key causes the computer to turn off.

After I reboot, it will or won't be there, there's no way of telling, I just need to keep rebooting until it works.

I know this is a common problem, but I've never found the solution.  vmm32.vxd is referred to in several files, and I don't know which one is causing the problem.  What could cause this?  How do I fix this?
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scole060498Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Go out to microsoft web site, do a search for vmm32....
They have a article on how to remove the entry from your registry.  This is the best way to do this.

This can happen from many ways:
Loading AOL
Setting up a network and canceling the install half way  
Removing network cards from your system incorrectly.
installing Bellsouth.net software wrong

Good luck.  Talk to you later
Any chance you have a UMAX scanner attached?  Article on Microsoft's web site about that.  http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q191/8/74.asp
http://support.microsoft.com/support/search/c.asp?SPR= is the microsoft support site - choose Win95 as your product and search on vmm32.vxd.  Several possible scenarios there.
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try deleting your swapfile... hit f8 at boot, boot to dos prompt, type "del win386.swp", then restart.. windows will rebuild the file, which does become corrupt  now and then.. if you changed your virtual memory settings, make sure that its set for 4x your installed ram, and that you have at least that much hd space available..
This behaviour can occur if the Vmm32.vxd or Wininit.exe file is missing or damaged.

1. Restart your computer. When you see the "Starting Windows 95" message, press F8 key, and then choose Command Prompt Only from the Startup menu.

2. Type the following line to change to the Windows\System folder

3. Type the following line:

     ren vmm32.vxd vmm32.old

4. Re-install Windows 95

To obtain a new copy of the Wininit.exe file, follows these steps:

1. Extract a new copy of the Wininit.exe file from your original Windows 95 disks or CD-ROM. The Wininit.exe file is located in the Win95_11 cab cabinet file on the Windows 95 CD-ROM or disk of your original Windows 95 disks.

I have had this problem many times with Windows 95, usually after adding or
removing a scanner, scsi card, or changing out one scsi card for another.

The way I overcome the problem is:

exit to MS-Dos mode.
At the c:\windows prompt I type: attrib system.dat -h -r -s and press enter.
next I type: attrib system.da0 -h -r -s and press enter.
next I type: attrib user.dat -h -r -s and press enter.
next I type attrib user.da0 -h -r -s and press enter.

I then delete all files from c:\windows directory that start with system and user
by typing: del system.* and pressing enter.
and by typing user.* and pressing enter.

I then re-install windows 95 and the problem is no more, and windows 95
works perfectly again.

This may not be the correct way to do it, but it works 100% of the time for
I like the answer of a currupt file. Do not over write it, put in another one. One can expand the cab files and vind the correct driver and put it in the same place. Locate it through the Windows explorer.
I have tried the method suggested by gonzal13 and sometimes it works and
sometimes it does not.  I have had the best success, at least on my computer,
with the method suggested by me, previously.
Yes that is a good method of changing the ending of the currupt file. Must be sure that one writes down where it is.
The hard part I have found is that I keep forgetting how to open up a cab file. I think most do not. I usually put it into a temp file. One can also without knowing where the file is, can search by the extraction program that precise file. I would suggest that you give the requestor the exact method of extracting from a cab file. The Windows's books are worthless. I probably will revisit this site and copy down the methodology.
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