My computer freezes every day on the Windows-98WelcomeScreen. Then it opens in safemode then I have to change the display to the original setting and then it restarts then I have to change to the original resolution and then it restarts.
I have the same problem if instead of shutting down option I choose restart-option.

Want to solve this.
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satwaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes. turn off the power, unplug the power cord from the PC, open it up, remove
the ATI card and read the type from the main chipset.  Then go to the ATI
web site and download the correct driver for that ATI chipset.  Another way,
is if the ATI info is dispalyed on the boot-up screen. Some computer show this,
others do not.  Reading the chipset is the most reliable.
Jac, check the type of video card you have and then visit the Inernet site of the manufacturer and download the most current Windows 98 version of your video driver and try that.

This is the problem of your Video Settings. Incorrect type of Video adapter caused the PC to startup and freezes. Goto to Control Panel/Systems and in Display type, removed the incorrect Video driver.

I encountered this problem in one of my user and that what I did and Windows didn't freeze anymore.

jac871Author Commented:
I know that I have ATI, but I DONT KNOW which one it is. Is there a way to find it???????

Help me.
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