How to create a shortcut on desktop?

Posted on 1999-07-07
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Last Modified: 2010-04-06
Is it possible for me to create a Windows shortcut on the desktop without using other custom components?

Question by:yingkit
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Accepted Solution

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procedure DesktopLnkCreate(LinkName,ExePath,WorkDir,Arguments:string;ShowCmd,HotKey:integer);
  aPidl: PItemIDList;
  desktopDir: string;
  aISL: IShellLink;
  aIPF: IPersistFile;
  CoInitialize(nil); // Must initialize COM or CoCreateInstance won't work
  // Get the desktop folder location (as a PItemIDList)
  if SUCCEEDED(SHGetSpecialFolderLocation(Application.Handle, CSIDL_DESKTOPDIRECTORY, aPidl)) then
    // Get the actual path of the desktop directory from the PItemIDList
    SetLength(desktopDir, MAX_PATH); // SHGetPathFromIDList assumes MAX_PATH buffer
    SHGetPathFromIDList(aPidl, PChar(desktopDir)); // Do it
    SetLength(desktopDir, StrLen(PChar(desktopDir)));

    // Our link is on the desktop.  We need a WideString here to pass to
    // IPersistFile.Save below
    // "My Home-made Shortcut" will be the caption under the shortcut's icon
    UlinkName := desktopDir+'\'+LinkName+'.lnk';

    // Get an IShellLink interface to make the shortcut
    if SUCCEEDED(CoCreateInstance(CLSID_ShellLink, nil,
              CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IShellLinkA, aISL)) then
      // Now we have an IShellLink interface, so we can set it up as we like.
      // Set the path (the program to run) e.g., notepad
      // Set the working directory ("Start in"), e.g., c:\windows
      // Set the command-line params, e.g. test.txt
      // Set the show command, e.g., normal
      aISL.SetShowCmd(ShowCmd); // or SW_SHOWMINIMIZED or SHOW_MAXIMIZED
      // Set the hot-key e.g., Ctrl+Alt+A
      // Set the icon location e.g., the fourth icon in shell32.dll
      // Uncomment to see the effect.  Otherwise, the "normal" icon for the
      // linked program will be shown
      // aISL.SetIconLocation('shell32.dll', 3);

      // The shortcut IShellLink is now all set up.
      // We get an IPersistFile interface from it, and use it to save the link
      aIPF := (aISL as IPersistFile);
      if assigned(aIPF) then
        aIPF.Save(PWideChar(UlinkName), true);

      // Both aISL and aIPF will be released automatically when they go
      // out of scope (i.e., when this routine ends).
  CoUninitialize; // Symmetric uninitialize



Expert Comment

ID: 1386902
if uppercase(s) = '/LNK' then DesktopLnkCreate('Mak',application.exename,'','', SW_SHOW,((HOTKEYF_ALT or HOTKEYF_CONTROL) shl 8) or ord('B'));


Author Comment

ID: 1386903
Hi Fosco,
The compiler gave me the following errors: (I am using Delphi 2)
1) ULinkName:wideString [Undeclared identifier]
2) aPidl: PItemIDList  [Undeclared identifier]
3) aISL: IShellLink; [Undeclared identifier]
4) aIPF: IPersistFile; [Undeclared identifier]
5) SHGetSpecialFolderLocation [Undeclared identifier]
6) CSIDL_DESKTOPDIRECTORY [Undeclared identifier]
7) SHGetPathFromIDList [Undeclared identifier]
8) CoCreateInstance [Undeclared identifier]
9) CLSID_ShellLink [Undeclared identifier]
10) CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER [Undeclared identifier]
11) IID_IShellLinkA [Undeclared identifier]
12) aISL.SetPath(PChar(ExePath)); [Missing operator or semicolon]
13) aISL.SetWorkingDirectory(PChar(WorkDir)); [Missing operator or semicolon]
many errors, should I include any units before compiling the codes?
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Expert Comment

ID: 1386904
Hi yingkit, fosco's code is correct, but works only for D3/4. Borland introduced a much enhanced COM implementation in D3. If you have questions here, you should better say, you're working with D2, because it's a quite old version.

This question might help you:


But perhaps fosco has a full solution for D2, too.

Regards, Madshi.
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Expert Comment

ID: 1386905
Hey, fosco, welcome on EE. Good experts are always welcome...   :-)

Expert Comment

ID: 1386906
Sorry Yingkit, I dont have Delphi 2 code for that. =(..

Thanks for the welcome, Madshi...


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