How do I set up CGI-Bin for Secure Email?

I am a member of Hypermart and they allow you to use their CGI bin.  However, I had to pay someone to do this for me.  I would like to know for future reference how to do this myself. In step-by-step instructions if possible.  

How to set up the cgi-bin directory
How to set up formmail or whatever makes the email secure?!
How to get the thank you for your order letter to show up after form is submitted?

I am sure I have left something out but I do not understand it enough to know what.  Please advise!  Thank you!  My site is

Thanks, Donna
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slokConnect With a Mentor Commented:
replying to your questions..

1. cgi-bin is specified on the webserver.
are u the one who is going to do it ?
if yes, which webserver are u using ?

2. SSL  - Secure Socket Layer
which u need to purchase and registered and installed
will make your formail secured.
I think u are not looking into formail but secured transactions
for your site.

3. those thank you message is a reply that people program
into their cgi scripts.

I think setting all these up by yourself will take too much time.

Let me recommend to soemthing free and cater to all your needs.
go to this web site :

register and follows the instructions.
I'm sure it can cater to most if not all of your needs.
Setting up a cgi-bin directory is a definition made on the server by your webmaster.
You then can put there scripts which will run with input from HTML files given to your users.
Now you can do anything with these details :
Put in a database, print them and even send them by e-mail.
Now, what is your exact question?

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