Mitsumi IDE rewriter


I have the Mitsumi Rewriter for ATAPI. It is connected as Master to the secondard IDE port. No slave present.
It works correctly as a cd drive, but when trying to write cd-r it doesnt write, and quits at the first block.
What could be the problem?
Sys is win98, pentium II, recent Mainboard

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CtRlConnect With a Mentor Commented:

My brother had thiskind of problem. He found that it was a problem withthe drivers and software he was using. Try removing them and then adding them. If you have a Creative CD-Rom drive on the system I think that there are some incompatibilities. Espescially with the infra drives.

1) It may be set as master, but some devices have a special jumper setting if it's "alone" on the bus... Check again.

2) You're SURE you loaded the right drivers?  :-)  Have to ask.
What app are you using to burn?  EZ-CD Creator, or some other one?  What version?

I would also check for a firmware update for your burner and an update to your burning software.  Those can do wonders.
zonkAuthor Commented:
I solved the problem myself.
It was in the settings of Win98
DMA had to be off, Automatic notif. on change too.
That did it

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