EASY 100pts: Website Cost Guidelines Needed

I'm looking for online resources that would enable me to get a rough idea of costs associated with creating a large, highly interactive, corporate website for a television company.  Are there any resources online that give good industry cost standards?
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frames24Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, a fairly good resource is Advertising Age's web site at http://www.netb2b.com. There is data culled from many companies relating to per-project and hourly rates for site-design, application development, e-commerce, etc. Also, though not an on-line resource, I would strongly recommend the book, Buying Web Services, by J.P. Frenza. Written for clients looking to outsource significant projects, it covers the gamut from RFP to Costing to Legal Issues. Big thumbs up.
pagedesignsAuthor Commented:
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