Onto internet problem

When I dial-up the networking, my computer always compaint that there is no tone in my telephone line.
but I double check my phoneline, test with phone, check my modem connection,  try with others modem, reinstall the modem device but cannot solve the problem.

p/s When I connect onto network, I discover my modem's light <Send Indicator> will blink a while, then computer will compaint there is no tone.

Anyone can help ??
This is ergent !!
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goloheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
go to control panel ->modem -> properties -> conection -> advanced -> and in extra settings copy ATX .
and dial
Are you using windows95?
Is your modem a winmodem.
Have you tried using the modem diagnostic software. In the control panel, Open modem,  click on diagnostic tab.  Do you see your modem there.  

I you do highlight the modem and click on properties.there should be another button, More info.  click on that.

This will show the modem strings, or tell you if the modems
port has been detected.  

go into control panel, modems, properties, connection, remove the tick next to  wait for dialtone.  click on advanced,  and in extra settings put X3

now the modem will dial regardless of the existance of dialtone
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do you have a via chip motherboard and/or a diamond modem?  If so, you may need to download a PCI bridge for the modem to work.  Let me know and I'll get you the URL to download.
This problem, although not entirely fixed, can be overcome by disabling the "Wait for dial tone" function Windows 95 has.

To disable this setting, go to the Control Panel, double-click on modems.  In the Modems Dialog Box you will see your installed modem(s). Click on your modem and click on Properties.

In the properties dialog box click on the Connection tab and uncheck "Wait for dial tone before dialing".

I further propose that you look for updated drivers for your modem at http://www.driverguide.com/ and reinstall the modem with the new drivers.
It is also possible that the dial tone you can hear is not the standard one for your country settings. (different countries have different dial tone - also some private exchanges is companies can have their dial tone set for different meanings eg message waiting etc)
chsohAuthor Commented:
My modem has detected successfully and send its information to computer when I click <More Info> in Control Panel-Modem.

If I cancel the wait for dialtone, finally  I get the error something like

ERROR 638 . Your modem is not connected to the computer, Please check the connection of the modem.

I can see my modem in Control Panel. If I deleted that modem, restart the computer and run <Add New Hardware>, my computer still can detect my modem.

I don't have a via chip motherboard and/or a diamond modem? My modem is ThunderCom 56K Voice/Fax/Data modem.

My contry code also define correctly.

Here is the more information,
This error happen when I discover my mouse is "crazy"
refer : http://www.experts-exchange.com/EQ.10179021
after that, I cannot connect onto internet. This 2 casses are related or not ?? because my computer has 2 COM port, which is mouse and modem respectively and both COM devices have error at the same time.

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