CD ROM won't display long filenames

Mitsumi CD ROM drive
Win 95

For some reason my CD Rom drive won't display long filenames.

I had a hard drive crash on this machine and now the Primary IDE controller (dual fifo) and Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo) show an exclamation point in Device Manager. However, I can still access my main harddrive.  I don't know if the controller problem has anything to do with the CD ROM problem.

I've reinstalled the IDE controller drivers and the CD Rom drivers, but I still only see DOS filenames, not long filenames.

Any thoughts?
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JBURGHARDTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your computer los drivers for ide ports you need to do thing reinstall bus mastering drivers and or look for "noide" in registry and remove it. Your cd-rom using dos drivers that don't support long name after you correct problem with ide controler all will be back to the way it should be

fredgaAuthor Commented:
Ok, I removed the NoIDE from the registry. This temporarily made the CD ROM work normally, and made the problems in the Device Manger go away, but then the system locked up and when I attempted to reboot, Windows gave error messages.

I had to boot in Safe Mode and add NoIDE back to the registry. NoIDE had a value of 01 if it matters.

So, I'm back where I started.  I had already installed the IDE drivers supplied by the motherboard manufacturer.

Any more ideas?
fredgaAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 200
If you are using MSCDEX as your driver (i.e. you have that loaded in AUTOEXEC.BAT)), that'll cause CD-ROM to have no long file names, because MSCDEX is ISO9660 level 1 only (i.e. the DOS 8.3 filename limit).

fredgaAuthor Commented:
I finally corrected a couple of other problem, but removing the NoIDE from the registry fixed the problem.  Thanks!
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