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VGA Loopback cables and TV Tuners

Okay...here's the scoop.  I have an OEM Gateway TNT2 Card in my brand new Gateway PIII 450 PC.  I just ordered a NEW Phoebe Micro TV Tuner Card reviewed on PC World.  According to the company's website www.phoebemicro.com, there is no VGA Loopback cable required.  Does this mean i don't need to connect the Tuner card to my Vid Card?  I've had lots of trouble with these VESA connectors in the past, and i've never figured it out.  Hopefully you guys can come up with a thorough answer.  Thanks fellas.  Good luck and godspeed.
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No you don't need any cables. Tv card now works that uses part of video ram (now you have more ram then when you had 1 mb video card ) and writes to it tv image so it can be displayed on monitor screen. For this two work you need video card with at least 2mb of ram
Jastor00Author Commented:
Okay, I had an older card that did not function with the system.  It was...i know it's dead--an ISA card with a connection to the vid Card.  Now, These new cards don't require this?  I'm assuming that you don't have to hook your monitor up to them any more either?  I have a Creative Labs OEM card with 32 MB RAM and 128 system RAM.  Good enough?  So no cable, just slap her in PCI slot and that's it?  Other than the audio connection?  Cool.  Do you have a TV Tuner card? (Just looking for some credentials before slapping out 175 points)
I have a Happauge TV tuner card, and there's no connection between the card and the video card. I had the video card, the TV tuner, and a Voodoo 1 card all in the system at the same time, just the audio connection between the tuner and the video. :-)
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