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unions & structs

Can we have anonymous unions and structs in the C programming language.
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union - yes. struct - no.
Actually, you can have both, but they are messy and rarely used. Examples:

struct {int x, y} myPoint;
union {char a; int i} intOrChar;

myPoint.x = 4;
myPoint.y = 6; // coordinate of (4,6)

intOrChar.i = 7; // intOrChar is treated as an int == 7
intOrChar.a = 'a'; // intOrChar is treated as a char == 'a'
//note intOrChar.i is garbage once you use intOrChar.a

the names of the union and struct are anonymous. Hope this helps.
Yonat is right.  However:

"A Microsoft C extension allows you to declare a structure variable within another structure without giving it a name. These nested structures are called anonymous structures. C++ does not allow anonymous structures."

Other compilers may support this non-standard feature as well.
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apmontgo is wrong :-(
apmontgo, an anonymous struct would be a struct without *any* name, even that of a struct variable. Here is an example of an anonymous union:

struct external {
    union {
        int n;
        float x;
} var;

var.n = 7;
var.x = 3.14;

Get it?
Funny, an incorrect answer was accepted.
tausifafAuthor Commented:
I had not accepted the answer that you guys had proposed. I got the answer from a friend of mine. Anyway, I did not wanted to pursue the discussion further. Thanks for the feedback.
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