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How can I create ONE installation package for a few of my
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yronnenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess that you've created few OCX files.
You can use the setup wizard/Package wizard (depends on the versio of vb you are  using), but it may take some work:

The quick "dirty way":
Create a VB app, and place all the controls you wanted to distribute on a form. Create a setup file for your app, and during the setup stages remove the exe file you've created... This will leave a setup with just the controls. That's ugly and during the setup you'll may be required to supply dependencies file...which leads to the slower but nicer way:

For EACH of the controls run the setup wizard and ask it to create just the dependecies file. The results will be few text files (one for each control) that will contain the list of all required files by each controls. you'll see that most files are the same.

After you have this information create a setup for one of your controls, and in the stage where you can add your own files, add ALL the other OCXs that you've written and all the files that you saw in the dependencies files.
Both ways will give you the results

use package and setup wizard or install shield
you using vb 5.0 or 6.0?
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