ActiveX can't create object. ( Error 429)

I am automating word from VB 6.0 using the code "set oword = new word.application". I have registered the word8 object library.
On compilation and installation, using the packagfe & deploment wizard, on another users machine the 429 error occurs when the application tries to instantiate the word object eventhough they have word8 installed on their machine.
I have recompiled and reinstalled the program & VB6 on my machine but the problem persists. I suspect it is some problem with the registry. Can anyone help please?
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alex1234Connect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, when you compiled your EXE on your machine you linked to COM interface of word.application object currently registered on your PC. The EXE was working on your PC fine. Then you tried to run it on different PC and it failed because that PC had different version of word.application (with different CLSID or TypeLib).

Do the following: once you've got it working on your PC make sure any other PCs have the same word.application object. To achive this unregister and remove Word from PC and install the same version as on your PC. Before installing you may want to clean up the registry by using RegCleaner.exe.

Correct me if I'm wrong:

1. set oword = new word.application works on your machine
2. set oword = new word.application fails on some other machine.

Is it correct?

jpmrAuthor Commented:
It did work on my machine until I reinstalled Office and VB. Now the application does not work on my machine either. However it does on another collegues machine.
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jpmrAuthor Commented:
I have now tried running regclean and re-installing Office, but the application will not instantiate the word object.
Any further ideas? Should I re-install VB as well?
You don't have to re-install VB.

Is this happening on the same PC where you compiled your application?

jpmrAuthor Commented:
I have tried reinstalling office again and the problem has been resolved.
Many thanks for your time & effort.
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