Backing-up a domino server

Is it possible to automatically shutdown a domino server(ie. using a batch file) and to restart in order to perform a back-up. At present using NT back-up will not allow us to back-up the domino server without shutting down from the sever console and then restarting again from the console thus not allowing us to do overnight backups while also letting the server do it's own overnight maintenance.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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ghassan99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
u can use the c:\notes\nserver.exe -q to quit the server. u can include this in a batch file.  What I suggest u do, is to schedule the shut down and the start of the server using the 'at' NT command or 'winat' for a graphical interface of the same program. Here is a full explanation of this:
first, u will have to start the NT scheduler service from services in the control panel  (if its not already running), either make it start manually or make it start automatically as NT boots up. Then create 2 bacth files, lets say notess.bat & notesq.bat  In the first file include just one line: nserver.exe (if u want u can qualify the file name with the full path if it wasnt already on the path list eg c:\notes\nserver) in the second batch file put this line nserver.exe -q  Now go to the DOS command prompt, type this command> at 8am "c:\notess.bat" and type another one> at 6pm "c:\notesq.bat"  Assuming the batch files are resident on the root directory.  This way NT will launch the first batch file at 8am and start notes then at 6pm will launch the other batch file which will quit the http.  u can also schedule this to happen daily, just type at/? to see all ur options or check winat if u feel its easier. ofcourse for midnight u can schedule the backup to start.  Hope this helps.  Cheers
correction: ...which will quit notes.
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