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I want to load my " Contact " list in Outlook 98 unto a floppy and then install that list into Outlook 98 that I have on a another computer. Help me out with this one.
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EufraciaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Okay, here goes...

On the Old Computer
1) In Outlook, click the File menu and select Import and Export
2) Highlight Export to a file and click the Next button
3) Highlight Personal Folder File (.pst) and click the Next button
4) Highlight the Contacts folder in your mailbox, click the box for Include Subfolders and click the Next button
5) In the text field under Save Exported File As: type the following:
C:\Windows\Desktop\Calendar.pst (I'm assuming that your Windows is installed on your C drive.) Set the Options to Replace Duplicate Items with items exported, then click the Finish button.

The file Calendar.pst should now appear on your Windows desktop. With your floppy disk inserted into the drive, double-click the My Computer icon on your Windows desktop and drag-and-drop the Calendar.pst file onto the floppy drive icon, probably the A: drive.

Now here's the tricky part. If this new file is bigger than 1.44 megabytes, it won't fit on one floppy. If that happens let me know, you may need to e-mail it to yourself or split it onto multiple diskettes.

On the New Computer
1) Take the floppy out of the old computer's floppy drive and insert it into the drive of the new computer.
2) Double-click the My Computer on the Windows desktop, then double click the icon for the floppy drive (again, probably A:)
3) Drag and Drop the Calendar.pst file onto the desktop
4) Open Outlook, click on the File menu and select Import and Export
5) Highlight Import from another program or file, click the Next button
6) Scroll to the bottom of the window shown and highlight Personal Folder File (.pst)
7) On the File to Import selection, click the Browse button and change the "Look in" directory to C:\Windows\Desktop (again, assuming Windows is installed on your C drive, not D or E or something weird). Click the Open button.
8) Options should be set as Replace duplicates with items imported, click the Next button
9) In the window, highlight the Calendar icon, make sure there's a checkmark in "Include Subfolders".
10) Make sure the radio button is clicked next to Import items into the same folder in:, and the drop-down menu under that shows your Mailbox (or Personal Folders if you're not connected to an Exchange server)
11) Click the Finish button.

This should work, the only wrinkle might come if you have more than one set of Personal Folders and you select the import destination as the wrong set. You should be okay if you just select the default location on step 10.

Good Luck!

Theres a pretty good walk-through in Outlook 98's help.  Click Help->Contents and Index.  Click the Index tab and type in 'exporting contacts' and if you have questions after reviewing that post them.
inkeeperAuthor Commented:
I looked there but it does not mention contacts nor how to reinstall them into another 98 program
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You probably want to use the Import and Export function under the File menu in Outlook. You'll want to export the file to a .pst (Personal Folder File), then copy the file to the new computer and Import it in Outlook there. You could also add the pst file as a new Personal Folder on the new computer, from the Tools menu, under Services.

I can give you step-by-step instructions if you need it. Let me know.
inkeeperAuthor Commented:
Eufracia: If you don't mind giving me the step-by-steps from how to get list on floppy and exactly how I get them into the Contact list folder of Outlook 98 on the second computer I'd really would appreciate it. Thx
inkeeperAuthor Commented:
Thank you..I've been searching for this procedure for three days and you answered my query in less than 2 hours
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