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Where I can get good information on the Web to build ASP (Active Server Pages) using Delphi.
If possible, I'd like to see since the basics to advanced with DB applications.

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ygolanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The actual ASP pages must be built using a language for which a "scripting engine" exists. Currently, such scripting engines are available for Visual Basic (VBScript), JavaScript (JScript), Perl (PerlScript), and several other languages.

As far as I know, there is no scripting engine for a Delphi-compatible language.

However, ASP *components*, which can be used from ASP pages, can be written in any language that supports COM. Since Delphi is one of the best COM-enabled languages around, it's a great language to develop ASP components in.

A common practice is to put most of the ASP application logic in COM components instead of directly into the ASP script, therefore, you'll probably end up having most of your ASP application code in the Delphi components instead of in the scripted ASP pages.

You will need to teach yourself a little VBScript or JScript to wire the whole thing together, but if you know how to write COM Automation objects in Delphi, and you've read the publicly available ASP references tutorials (such as the one which is installed with ASP), you already know how to build ASP applications using Delphi.
ASP is for Visual Basic and as far as I know not available for Delphi.
In Delphi you van use CGI, ISAPI and NSAPI to build servers.

paulo_psaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the help I'll grade you.
Do you know www pages with examples of ASP components written in delphi?
What I need to setup my machine to develop and test Delphi ASP pages?
I  have currently PWS10a installed in the machine, I need DCOM?

You don't need DCOM, Paolo.
Just use IIS+ODBC,Is can work well!
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