TapeStor 3200 & Win98

Just upgraded a computer from 3.1 to Win98.
The system had/has a Seagate TapeStor 3200 which hooks into the floppy cable (it's internal)
The Seagate Backup v5.3 software and drive worked good under 3.1. Since the upgrade a msg pops up saying "you must configure backup devices before you can perform this operation".
On Seagates site they say the backup software has the device drivers included, I also found a reference to the 5.x software not working with Win98.
My question is this: Is the backup device configured through the software?, should it have to be re-setup for '98 or is the software really not compatible.
Also would the included Microsoft Win98 backup software work and configure this particular drive.
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zendomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you haven't set up the software in Win98 from scratch, I would uninstall and erase
the current install and then reinstall.   The devise IS configured through the software.

Then, it still may not work.  I gave up on this software, which I used for an Eagle Tape Drive under Win 95 quite sucessfully.  The software could never find my tape drive under Win 98.

I found that the Win 98 MS backup software did support my tapedrive when attached
to a floppy cable.  MS backup could not find the drive when I connected it to its own
floppy card.  You have to load this software from the Win98 CD if you haven't loaded it
It has been my experience that Microsoft does not know, nor does it care to know about tape drives, at this point I would try the MS backup from 98.

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Zendom, did it ever occur to you to read the entire thread here. This is a duplicate question and now you've prevented the Chess from removing it.
chessAuthor Commented:
Hi dennis
How the heck would that have happened??
Must have been something I did?
Do I grade both of them?
New to this system.  I will withdraw my answer since it is causing a problem.
chessAuthor Commented:
Actually Zendom... your answer better suited my question.
Veryify your tapes Chess. If you have access to anyone with an OEM logon to Microsoft, there's about 30+ incidents pending with Seagate and Travan drive support. That aside, I'm glad Zenoms suggestion worked.
Glad my answer helped.  
Did you get your tape drive to run reliably in Win98 using the Seagate software?
chessAuthor Commented:
I haven't tried the 5.3 software. Accordind to Veritas this software will not work under '98.
Next best choice may Backup Exec because of the scheduling options and what not.
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