Various possibilities of RAID 5

I wish to Configure 5 HDDs on RAID 5 Controller. (Hardware RAID). I have to use Windows NT Server 4.0 and MS-SQL 6.5/7.0.

To be able to minimize the time losses due to crashes, I need help in deciding on as how to configure these disks.

Presently, I have four HDD configuration and 1 on one array and 2 on the 2nd array. First is used to NT and rest three for MS-SQL and HIS s/w. Though all registry entries are entered in the NT residing on first disk.
1. Configure all the disks as one array and install everything.
    Q: Then if NT Crashes , how'll we recover ?
2. Configure 3 disks one array say A1 and 2 in second say A2. Use A1 for HIS files and A2 for NT and MSSQL. Also we can mirror the disks in array A2.
Please guide me on these matter. Also I would appreciate your help and tips on 'Crash Recovery' in Live production environment so that time losses can be reduced to minimum.

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Frank's World of Windows gives a pretty good description of RAID 5. Check out

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