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I am trying to use Microsoft Visual C++ 1.00 under NT, but when I try to compile I get the message "The MMD.386 virtual device driver is not loaded in Windows". I have a SYSTEM.INI in the WinNT directory which includes the line "device=C:\MSVC\BIN\mmd.386" in the [386Enh] section which has worked under 3.1 and 95.
Does anybody know if I can achieve the same thing with NT4?
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tsgarpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From Technet

When attempting to compile from the development environment while running on Windows NT you receive the following message stating that MMD.386 is not loaded.

   "The MMD.386 virtual device driver is not loaded in Windows.
   Ensure that the line 'DEVICE = <Directory Specified in Setup for
   Binaries>\MMD.386' exists in your SYSTEM.INI [386Enh] section."

The error message is correct. MMD.386 is a Virtual device driver (VxD) designed for 16-bit Windows, so Windows NT does not load or execute these VxD files. Therefore, you cannot compile from within the development environment on Windows NT.

However, if you obtain the B2FIX patch, you can use the command-line tools in a console session under Windows NT. In this way, you can still use the development environment and Wizards. Then go to a console session, and execute the \MSVC\BIN\MSVCVARS.BAT file to set your environment variables and use NMAKE.EXE on the makefile produced by the development environment. For example:

    namke /f project.mak

Please see the following Windows NT article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

   ARTICLE-ID: Q103621
   TITLE     : Running Visual C++ for Windows with Windows NT

This is no longer a problem with Visual C++ for Windows, version 1.5 and later.

Additional reference words: 1.00 KBCategory: kbtool kbprb kbtshoot KBSubcategory: VwbIss

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