HalfLife doesn't work under win95


I can't run HalfLife under win95. At first i thought it was a graphic driver problem, but i can't run it even in software render mode.

When i try to start a new game the screen becomes black and the system locks up.

I tried to run it under win98, and it worked fine, but for some reasons i'd like to have still installed win95. Does anybody know why it works under win98 and not under win95? Is it possible to run it also under win95?

My config:
celeron 333
64 Mb Ram
Creative Labs 3D Blaster Banshee

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Hi Janez,

No answers for you I'm afraid, just an observation.
I recently upgraded my graphics set up from a Matrox Mystique 4mb and a Diamond Monster voodoo 1 4mb to a voodoo 3 2000 PCI 16mb - I can no longer launch Half Life either - an I am running win 98 - maybe I need to go back to win 95!!
Best of Luck - I may keep an eye out for any answers you get.
It's not designed for Windows 95 release A but it will work with release B (OSR2)

Hope this helps!
janezAuthor Commented:
Hi Kyo!

I rejected your answer because i'd only like to know if it is possible to upgrade win95 release A to osr 2 without removing the win95 release A (to reinstall the osr 2).

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To Capt K:
Did you install the mini gl driver for your Voodoo 3? It should be on the CD that came with your card. This setup requires a file added to your Half-Life directory so it has to be setup properly.
Now I'm not 100% on this one, 'cause I haven't used 95a in a while, but..

If you install Win95 2.1 on top of it, everything should still be the way you expect it to.. (well, mostly everything, I think.. :).

Other things to try:

Get the OpenGL.dll update file from MS, you need it for most GL games running under 95a. You can probably find it by looking around the 3dfx web-site, or (for example) www.planetquake.com. There should be loads of info on getting your game to work there.

Make sure you've got the latest drivers for your hardware & patches for your games - this is usally what's wrong.

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To swcole,

Thanks for the comment, I did try the MiniGL driver originally but this didn't seem to help.
When you say that setup needs a file added to the Half Life Directory, I presume you mean this is done automatically by the Mini GL driver set up program?

Some of the Eidos demos that were provided with the card won't run properly either.... I suspected that glide wasnt installed properly
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