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computer crashes after setup

Posted on 1999-07-09
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
Question by:Richard5698
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Expert Comment

ID: 1871872
Go back to the jumpers on the motherboard and make certain that all are correctly placed to suit your ram and cpu type. If you are using EDO ram, be certain that the jumpers are set to 5 v.

Expert Comment

ID: 1871873
Jumpers are the best place to start. Kudos gangajn.

I would also suggest to make sure that there are no BIOS updates that fixes any errors with the computer.

Don't worry too much about that system performance. That is looking fine.

There is a possibility of a faulty part on the system, the MoBo, the Ram, the HD, etc. But check out the BIOS and jumper settings first. And if you are overclocking (telling the computer you have a faster CPU than you do), then set it normally.

Lastly, check safe mode, and see what that does.

Let me know.

Expert Comment

ID: 1871874
Check your CPU fan.  Make sure that the Heatsink is on correctly and the fan is actually turning.  I played around with a system a couple years ago and tried booting without a fan on the CPU.  It worked for a little while and then problems started.

The other think to check is the power supply fan.  Is it turning.  Take some compressed air and blow out the dust.  I ditto the comments on the CPU voltage and clock speed.  Those are two likely canidates as well.

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Author Comment

ID: 1871875
Checked fans for power supply and cpu they are ok. Checked jumper settings and they are ok not overclocking.  Hard drive light does not flicker when I boot into safe mode. It is just a slight flicker when i boot normal. I dont hear  the hard drive running. I noticed my daughters does this also. Is this normal? Any other idea's on the crashes.

Expert Comment

ID: 1871876
First, If the answer given was not that answer to fix your problem, then you should reject the answer. That way, it goes back in the general queue, where everyone will look at, and help you.

Next, I am curious. Where did you get these copies of 95 and 98? Did they come from other computers?

The reason why I ask this is because if you install what is called a 'OEM' version (original equipment manufacturer. Computer companies like IBM get copies of 95 and 98 to distribute with their computers. Microsoft offers no support for these copies, the only support is by the computer company that has the OEM license.

Now, with that, they can manipulate 95 in different ways to fit their computer (within reason, of course). Companies can add components and programs that will enhance 95 on their machines. If your copy of 95 or 98 is an OEM, then you can see problems when loading.

With that said, if that is not the case, then if you ever need to setup win95 or 98 again, you can try using setup switches. If you want to know what they are, you can always put in the 95 cd, and type in

setup /?

Otherwise, if you go to the following address:

and serch for the following Q article:


You will find out more about these switches.

Now, you mention the Hard drive light up. This can happen for many reasons. If you have a virus program, like Norton, it can control your system, and run checks, therefore, access the hard drive a lot.

Another thing that needs to access the hard drive is your Virtual Memory. Even though you have 32 megs of ram, Virtual memory will set aside 64 megs, or whatever hard drive space is on the computer. It could be 16 megs, or 300.

If you run a lot of programs, then virtual memory may be working a lot. That is normal.

You can help in less access to the hard drive by cleaning up the files, then running the virus check, a scandisk, and defrag. This orders files and gives virtual memory a big amount of space, like a 2 lane hiway that does not have another car on it.

Other than cleanup, you may be set.


Author Comment

ID: 1871877
They are oem versions but i am running them on my other 2 computers with no problems. I noticed you mentioned MoBo,ram, or hard drive. Is there a way to test them other than swapping out (Ram or Hd).

Expert Comment

ID: 1871878
I propose the following answer.

In my opinion it seems like you are having problems with an unstable hard disk drive.  The light flickering on and off is typical and normal for Windows 9x, but getting corrupt files in this case seems more of an HDD problem than anything else.  

I suggest you try installing Windows on that same hard disk drive, but in one of your other computers and let it run for a while.  If it still gives problems, your hard disk drive is faulty.

A less probable cause for crashes is bad memory modules.  If the hard disk proves to be fine then try swapping out some of the memory modules and install Windows again.

I hope this helps


Expert Comment

ID: 1871879
Yes. There are several ways to test them out.

You can run the basic stuff - virus, scandisk, and defrag.

You can also go out and buy some Expensive program to clean up and check the system, like Norton System Works.

There are free tools you can get for performance at places like or

I do not think reinstalling is the answer. Like I stated before, OEM copies are usually ready for the computer you bought the oem for, they may put in stuff that can conflict with other MoBo's. Cleansweep is a program that will help remove programs and registry entries, and best part, there is a free trial you can download. Get rid of all those Dirty TSR's.

Lastly, If you want to see your hard drive spin less, then you should unload programs that could spin the hard drive. Antivirus, scheduled events, anything in the autoexec.bat or config.sys. Turn off the screen saver, and desktop picture. Disable any 'nuances' you have enabled, like Active Desktop.

Disabling the Virtual memory will also help stop the hard drive, but I don't recommend it.


Author Comment

ID: 1871880
Im waiting on another hard drive to try. I decided to try installing again. I first installed with full version win 98. It went fine until it got to setting up hardware and finalizing settings. Then I received this, Setup has detected the following decoding error. Setup has detected a corrupt set up (cab) file. Setup will attempt to recover. So then I thought it may be the disk ( A copy). Formatted and then I installed win 95, it went ok no errors. Then I installed win 98 upgrade. These are both original disks that I bought. It did the same thing with the errors at the same time. I hope this sheds some light on the problem.

Expert Comment

ID: 1871881
My opinion is that you have bad RAM.  Everytime that I have encountered the
same errors that you are getting, it has always been bad Ram.

Author Comment

ID: 1871882
Put in ram that was in my son's computer. Loading went smooth and have experienced no problems. Thank you all for you help.

Accepted Solution

satwa earned 600 total points
ID: 1871883
I believe that I was right about the bad RAM, from your last comment.

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