Installing a new chip

Is installing a new chip - an AMD166 to a P233MMX - difficult?  Aside from yanking out the old one and inserting the new, what else should I be aware of?
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> I am fairly certain the BIOS cannot emulate the jumper settings.

I am *absolutely* certain that it can.

My Pentium motherboard is "jumperless".
The BIOS-setup has the 'SpeedEasy' option,
and this feature does very quickly and easily,
in software, what most jumpers do only in hardware.
Either your motherboard has some jumpers to be altered,
i.e., from '66Mhz' multiplied by '2.5', yielding '166',
to '66Mhz' multiplied by '3.5', yielding '233',

or your BIOS-setup has interactive-options to emulate these jumper-changes.

If you don't make these changes, your new processor
will be "under-clocked", and will run at 166MHz,
even though it's capable of running at 233Mhz.

Hopefully, your motherboard will support '66Mhz' times '3.5' -- check its manual very carefully,
and check the manufacturer's web-site.
keo626Author Commented:
I am fairly certain the BIOS cannot emulate the jumper settings.  Aside from the motherboard considerations, is there anything else I should be aware of... i.e. changing an AMD to an Intel?
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What MBoard are you attempting to upgrade? Do you have an owners manual for the MBoard?  this should be fairly simple but I need more info.
You cannot take a non MMX chip out and put in a MMX, the non MMX is a single voltage chip and the MMX has two different voltage (one for the core and one for the I/O) Does your MB support MMX chips? if so then you will have a set of jumpers to change the voltage for your new Cpu.
Then you will have to change the multiplier jumpers as Otta stated too.

If you don't have the MB manual then you can find it on the net so you can get the proper jumper settings, let me know who made the MB and I can tell you where to find the settings.

keo626Author Commented:
To Otta:
Actually, this computer is a POS that a friend dug up and has been tweaking.  It's really miserable.  Tell me more about the BIOS settings.

To rayt333 & jgresham:
Thanks for your input.  I hope I can still bug you for more info later.  I will not upgrade to MMX; I doubt the MB is MMX ready.  At any rate, I will try to find its specs first.
> Tell me more about the BIOS settings.

A good resource:  http://WWW.TomsHardWare.Com

Most motherboards have jumper(s) to set the motherboard's speed (50, 60, 66, 75, 100),
and "multiplier" jumpers for the CPU:
50*2 ----> 100 Mhz
60*2 ----> 120 Mhz
66*2 ----> 133 Mhz
75*2 ----> 150 Mhz
100*2 ---> 200 Mhz
50*2.5 --> 125 Mhz
60*2.5 --> 150 Mhz
66*2.5 --> 166 Mhz *****
50*3 ----> 150 Mhz
66*3 ----> 200 Mhz
66*3.5 --> 233 Mhz *****

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