Bought a new pentium III and will need to add USB hub for
a scanner, color printer.  What do I look for in purchasing a
hub and who would be the best.  
Hub will be on one computer mainly for my own use at
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satwaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Buy either and Entrega or Belkin USB Hub, they work the best and also
   offer the best Tech support.

2. Look for number of years that the Hub manufacturers have been making
    USB Hubs, check out he total amperage load capacity of each hub and
    verify if they have a power supply option in case you wish to add more
    USB peripherals than can be powered on USB Bus power alone. if so
    you will need the extra power from the optional power supply.
    We have tried USB Hubs from 10 different manufacturers and have
    found the Entrega and Belkin hubs to be the best.
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