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Oak Tech Chipset, ????? video card

I have an unknown-make of Video Card with Oak Technology chipset(OTVI067). This card has numerious SW settings. Plugging in this card into my WIN95 and getting the correct(Oak Tech?) driver installed, I have a very ugly B&W-like display with bars/lines. I am sure the problem is the SW settings but having no manual or card display to say what SW is what.
Can someone helP?

Here's some of my system info:
VGA Monitor

Here are the current SW settings on this mystery card:
SW1:off SW2:on SW3:off SW4:on SW5:off SW6:off
JP1:1-2 JP2:2-3 JP3:2-3(non-interlaced)

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1 Solution
xyzrAuthor Commented:
OOPS. Forgot to add that I HAVE been to the Oak Tech website and have found the TXT file on SW settings but it is of no value as their list doesn't seem to match up to the card in question.
This card was originally manufactured by PC Chips in Hong Kong using
only an Oak Technology Chipset.

The only drivers ever released were for Dos and Windows 3.1.

The switch settings for this card for windows 3.1 for a VGA color monitor wre
as follows:

sw1= off   sw2=on   sw3=off  sw4=on   sw5=off sw6=off
JP1= 1&2 for 16-bit bios   JP2=reserved for factory testing DO NOT CHANGE

JP3= !&2 for VGA intrlaced monitors  2&3 for non-interlaced monitors.

The OTV1067 chip made for PC Chips was not a standard Oak Technology
Chip.  The standard Chip was: OTI-067, and the Windows 95 drivers are
written for an OTI-067 chip.  If you want to run this OTV1067 chipset in color
you have to use Windows 3.1 and load the correct Windows 3.1 drivers from
PC Chips, if you can still get them.

xyzrAuthor Commented:
Except for the JP3 jumper, The card is set as you wrote. Oh-oh... just took a look at the chipset again: OTI067 instead of what I wrote earlier. There are two plug-in chips with  'OTIVGA' on them.
Are you saying that this video card can not be used with WIN95 and can only be used under WIN3.1?

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That is my opinion if you had the OTV1067 chipset, but with the OTI067
chipset, it should work under windows95 if you download the win95 driver
from either microsoft or the oak tech site. If it does not, then it is not only the
jumpers but a case of wrong driver.  The OTI067 and OTIVGA chips that you name in this comment means that it is not the card made for PC Chips, but is
someone else's OEM.  Write down all the number and letters and all other info
that you can find on the card no matter how insignificant and send them to me
by e-mail at:  emc@impresso.com and I will try to run down everything that I can for you.

Video seven drivers work on some Oak cards.
That is true if Video Seven used Oak Chipsets to build the card, but some Video
seven cards have C&T chips and S3 chips.

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