Win 98 setup - Master Boot Record Virus message

I have been trying to install Win 98 2nd edition on a system that previous had Win 98 on it. At first I deltree'd the windows directory and the program files directory before I tried installing the new version. (This usually works.)

This time the Win 98 installation gave me a message during setup that it was detecting another operating system and asked if I wanted to continue. I told the setup to continue and then it came back with a "Master Boot record virus continue y/n?" message.

I cancelled the setup and got out my McAfee Emergency Disk and checked for viruses, it came back clean. I then ran my Norton AV Boot Disks and again the drive came back clean. I did do the virus scans from a cold boot and I have the latest DAT files for both programs.

I tried running the setup again and got the same messages.

I then formatted the C: drive, hoping that at least it would get rid of the message that there was another OS on the drive.

I ran setup again and still got the above messages. I decided to check the Win98 boot disk and CD for viruses. They were both clean.

SCANDISK reveals no problems with the drive.

I has been recommended that I try a FDISK /MBR on the drive, however I don't know what this does. Any insight?

I have thought about repartitioning the drive however, I have information on extended partitions that I don't want to lose, so repartitioning the drive is not an option yet.

Has anyone else run into this problem? And if so how did you solve it.

If it is not to much to ask, please post your responses as comments. If your answer fixes my problem I will ask you to repost as an answer and will give you the points.

Thank you very much.

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oldgreyguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
thank you ma'am

could the BIOS have a Virus detector enabled, and this is what thinks you are infected when windows tries to mess with the drive?

fdisk/mbr deletes the boot record and allows Windows to rebuild it.  oldgreyguy could also be correct.  Have you tried simply saying yes to the installation and seeing if it will install?
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fdisk/mbr will actually delete the current boot record.  When you format the drive it will create a new one.
I have come accross this problem and it was caused by the BIOS virus detector as mentioned by Oldgreyguy.  Disable the virus protection in the bios and try again.  
FDISK /MBR rebuilds the master boot record as Chewymon said... It will result in the same message.  If it does turn out to be the bios, I think Oldgreyguy should get the points.

Good luck
CicelyAuthor Commented:
Thank you to everyone that posted! :)

I read the posts and thought that it made sense that the virus scan setting in the BIOS might mess up the Win98 install. However, I knew that when I set up the computer than I had left that option "disabled." After more of you posted, I decided to just check to "make sure".

Sure enough, the Virus scan option was "enabled". I asked my husband if he had been "playing" around with the BIOS and he said he changed some settings including the Virus scan one. I almost strangled him :)

Can more than one person get points? I feel Oldgreyguy deserves most of the points for solving the problem. However, chewymon deserves some for answering the fdisk /mbr question. If not, then oldgreyguy, please repost your comment as an answer and I will get your points.

Thank you everyone!! :)
Give the points to oldgreyguy.  If you feel others deserve credit, simply post a new question titled points for whoever and assign what you feel is appropriate.  Then accept an answer only from them.
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glad to help

CicelyAuthor Commented:

If you repost your comment as an answer I'll grant you the points :)
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