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RealPlayer G2

Does any body direct me to a site on howto to set up realplayers in Linux. I downloaded the rpm file and installed it but when I go to my fevorite music site I can not hear the music, rather I was prompted with download the file. any help please.

Alex Mesfin
1 Solution
Suppose (replace with the appropriate path for your system)
- your sound card is installed correctly (i.e. you can play/hear sound samples)
- Real player executable is installed properly in /usr/bin/rvplayer
- Real player library is installed in

It seems to me that your netscape application preferences were not set properly to execute the application.

1 Go to the following menu
2 Select Navigator/Applications/
3 Highlight RealAudio if available and select 'Edit'
   else select 'New...' and enter/change the following:

Description : RealAudio
MIMEType: audio/x-pn-realaudio
suffixes: ra,ram
Handled By (make sure this setting is NOT 'Save to Disk')
             Application:       /usr/bin/rvplayer %s

If Netscape preferences is not the problem, then your rvplayer may not be working properly. First try to invoke rvplayer by typing
and try manually opening a RealAudio site (the File/Open Location menu).
If that does not work (e.g. gives you segmentation fault, or says some codec is not loaded, or there is an error of some number, etc), then it is a real audio problem:

1)if you get some error about 'segmentation fault', then it is due to:
Since the suse 6.1 you are using is glibc2 based, rvplayer might not work on it due to a rvplayer bug. Check this page for an upgrade/patch to rvplayer that works with glibc distribution:


2) if rvplayer runs and come up, but when opening any location or file, you get a
message saying that some codec is not found or some other error message. Then it means your LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not set up properly to point to realplayers library path. If so, you need to

 a)first find out where your realplayer.rpm installs its codec libraries, this can be done by querying the installation rvplayer.rpm file, e.g.

rpm -qips rv50_redhat5xi386.rpm

look for the library path, e.g. in mine I see that the real audio library is stored in                 /usr/lib/Real
from the partial list of the rpm -qips command:

(no state)    /usr/lib/Real
(no state)    /usr/lib/Real/libdecdnet.so
(no state)    /usr/lib/Real/libra14_4.so
(no state)    /usr/lib/Real/libra28_8.so
(no state)    /usr/lib/Real/libradnet.so
(no state)    /usr/lib/Real/librarv10.so
(no state)    /usr/lib/Real/librasipr.so
(no state)    /usr/lib/Real/librv10dec.so
(no state)    /usr/lib/Real/librvcore.so
(no state)    /usr/lib/Real/librvplayer.so

b) then for me I just needed to make sure that this RealAudio library path is included in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH ****global**** environment variable.

which for csh/tcsh, can be set in the .cshrc file as

            setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/lib/Real

or in sh/bash specified in .bashrc as (2 lines required as shown below)

        export LD_LIBRARY_PATH

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