Capturing modem transfers

I want to be able to record the information that travels in and out of my compter as a log on to my ISP.  How would write a program that can "see" the what the modem is transmitting and recieving?
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femson7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Recording is possible, and you don't need to write your own as there is already programs tasked to do just that... one is call FBI.

Also, monitoring the data IO via serial port's RD/SD lines can prove to be quite a big task with a resulting big log file too.

What you might want to do is what 'questions' do remote systems asks yours. And that is where the program socket spy comes in. This way, data transmissions to and from your PC gets segregated into TCP/UDP ports thus making it more clearer what goes where which did what. ;) go to and search for sockspy or socket spy.
bctrackAuthor Commented:
I still would like know how to capture the modem's raw data if possible.  Any ideas?
Firstly, let me thank you for the points. Anyways...

It is possible... and I used to have this program called FBI... tried to locate it on my hd but it's not there anymore. tried scouring the net for it, but no success.

although I tried to search for something that is equivalent to it, and found one. I haven't tried this program yet. But the homepage describes it as the one you're looking for.

Go to this link and check it out.

In the meantime, I will be scouring the net further. Another link is a programming something from search the site and use "serial port monitor" for the search string

thanks once more.

btw, hello from S.E. Asia...
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