How to Prevent validation in KillFocus() of Edit box

I have a property sheet with 4 property pages. On one of the pages, there is an edit box whcih does some validation in its KillFocus() method. The problem is that if I put wrong enteries into that edit box and now I want to discard that changes and press Cancel button, It still validates since KillFocus() of edit box is being called when i click on Cancel button. It wont let me quit gracefully unless i feed that edit box with good food !! How do I prevent this ??
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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The validation should be done in the CPropertyPage::OnKillActive. See the MFC documentation for more information.
At work I use OnParentNotify (using CDialogs, not prop sheets) catching the click for the button, however, I think you may want to try PreTransalteMessage.

rupak_khuranaAuthor Commented:
Thanks ! thats what i was looking for
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