1 Line, 2 Connections?

I wasn't sure where to ask this question.  I was wondering if it would be possible to get online on 2 different computers but on the same line. If possible, is there software?

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zombiwulfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you can use Wingate, but isn't the best approach for all situations.

Win98 Second Edition has internet sharing built in. This is not a bad way to go as it only costs $20 + $5 shipping.

There are basically two ways to go, a proxy server, or a NAT implementation. For a msall home lan, I'd recommend NAT.

There are a couple of freeware proxy/NAT servers out there - but they aren't worth the price.

I personally use Sygate - www.sygate.com - they do have a demo downloadable that is limited only by meggage transferred, so you can see what you are getting.

I prefer Sygate's version 2 over the newer version 3.
It does all I could hope for, and if it's not broke...

Both Sygate and WIn98 SE are NAT based, and neither require any software on the client end other than functional tcp-ip.
This means that if later you want to hook up a Mac or a linux box, it's dead simple.

Since I already have Sygate, I have no compelling reason to buy 98 SE, but if I were looking to purchase a software NAT solution, I give 98 SE a try as it's the cheapest NAT implementation I know of that actually has support available if you screw it up.

I could get into a long discussion of how NAT works, but suffice it to say that on a new lan I can have Sygate downloaded, installed, and the PC's up on the shared connection in under ten minutes.

yes it is possible in two ways.

1- purchase an IP MULTIPLEXER.
it is a device which can be connected to a single phone line on one end and to network on other. it has a driver software to configure it using your ISP settings.

2- use a proxy server. there are lots of shareware proxies around.(e.g wingate 3.0)
this software runs on your server computer(which is physically connected to ISP) and serves to other client.

on both cases your two computers must be connected via ethernet cards making up a LAN.

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