Lost Time

Over the past several months I have seen two computers that seem to be loosing time. Perhaps several seconds or more and hour. It seems that they are loosing this time even though they are plugged in and running in windows 98.

Any idea what might be causing this?
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oldgreyguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
two possible issues:

1/ even tho they are powered up, if the CMOS battery is on the weak end of dying, your system will loose time

2/ Depending on the mainboards, some designs are rather poor and will loose time even if you plugged into niagra falls.

If the batteries are the coin types (I think CR2032), buy several new ones and install them

edbarnatAuthor Commented:
Thanks oldgreyguy.

Did try replaceing with known good battery.

Since problem comes and goes it may take a while to know if it worked.

edbarnatAuthor Commented:

Motherboard has been retired. Question no longer an issue.

New motherboard solved problem.

Thanks all

Ed Barnat
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