Basic CGI question......

How can I execute cgi scripts? I want to learn Perl but then I dont know how to configure a server to execute sample scripts.. Please help!!!! Btw I am using the MS Personal Web Server downloaded from Microsoft Website and Windows 98

Another question is that how can i get the IIS server... not much idea what is that server... can I get it for FREE anyway?

Any kind hearted would like to suggest some good links for help in Perl?

Please help!!! thanx a lot
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nathansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
By the way IIS is for NT only  PWS is for Win95/Win98!

1. since you have PWS (Personal Web Server) already installed we will work with it.

Go to  --This is the Download Page

Download the latest Perl They are calling it ActivePerl on the first Page.

Go download the Latest Build of it.  Then Run the Install and it will install itself.

put the below text in a file named  in the Scripts Directory Which is your CGI-BIN.  If you installed the websever on your C Drive should be either


--------------- Start of Code  ------------------------
print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";            
print "<HTML>";
print "<HEAD><TITLE>Hello!</TITLE></HEAD>";
print "<H1>Hello!</H1>";

--------------- End of Code  ------------------------

to run the above code. You first need to make sure your PWS Works then in the browser type http:/PWSSERVERNAME/scripts/

You should get a small hello! web page back.

If you have anymore problems post them.
tonyleung88Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
IIS is available on the Windows NT Option pack which can be downloaded for free from Microsoft (but it is V big). However so far as I'm aware it runs on NT only (someone else may know better)

To configure for execution you must clicked the advanced box in the server manager and check the execute option for the directory that will contain your scripts.

If you get the perl from this (I think) will install its self into PWS) This is also a fairly good perl site (for windows biased perl) Otherwise is pretty good.

Free Tool: SSL Checker

Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate. Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

why not try Apache web server instead ?
free and use by many ...

well supported...

I run IIS on NT-server.  It is the only OS it will run on.  You can find it at Microsoft.

If you install perl, you can run it just like that :

perl perl perl

You better run the DLL of perl, is stead of the CGI.  It runs mutch faster, using the DLL.   Starting the perl-interpreter takes a lot of time.  Leave CGI for unix-developers, as unix has it's own advantages.

We (at work) run IIS. You can get it at Microsoft.  I think it's free.  It runs on NT-server only.

I installed PERL from activestate.  Use the DLL in ASP-scripts.  It runs very good, and is much faster than each time starting the perl-interpreter.  The dll runs both on personel web server, as on IIS.  

Leave CGI for Unix, as Unix is more efficient with that.  

If you go to, you'll find the way to activestate.

yvovolders: IIS runs on NT workstation as well as server.
Also you can run it as you have suggested, although I've never bothered with this approach but if you use it as a conventional CGI it will still use the DLL (plus it becomes portable to and you can use CGI libraries fully which I don't think you can do with the SERVER at approach.

So far as CGIs on UNIX only I agree if you are talking Perl Standa lone programs but other CGIs (eg exes) there is not difference between Unix and NT etc.

But more to the point do you always post other peoples comments as your answers!

Slok: If you've run Apache on NT you wouldn't suggest that it is very buggy and happily chews resources without ever been accessed. (Frankly in many respects IIS is now far superior to Apache IMHO).
tonyleung88Author Commented:
thanx for all your help

can i exec cgi/perl scripts in my personal web server?
that will save me a lot of trouble in installing another server just for cgi/perl scripts

yvovolders... what do you mean by "run the DLL of perl"
sorry that i dont get you...
tonyleung88Author Commented:
hi nathans

thanx for your help
i followed what you said... at least it wont prompt me to save the file but it displayed all the text in the file withoput the html tags

i thought it supposed to appear only "Hello"?
it gave me something like this:

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print "";
print "";
print "Hello!";

why is this so???
tonyleung88Author Commented:
anyone could help me??
i'm waiting......

Try renaming the file to hello.plx

It has been awhile since I installed the .plx files use the dll and the .pl files use the perl.exe I had some trouble after installing I did not get the .pl files to work but the .plx files worked fine.  Check this out and get back to me... by the way if I don't answer quickly post a comment like you did because sometimes I  miss a Experts-Exchange email.
tonyleung88Author Commented:
after i renamed it to hello.plx... the same results....
so... what can i do next??

pls advise....

btw.. thanx nathans for your help

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