Posted on 1999-07-11
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how to call a printer in c ?
Question by:eddyhalim
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Which OS? What to you mean with "call"?

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If you are using dos - and if I remember right unix is nearly the same - there is a already opened stream named stdprn.
so you can print like writing to a file:
this works fine for simple text.
If you have to print something other than simple text and you have a OS without printer support you have to know the printer control commands (for example for switching from text to grapic mode) the control commands may be different for each printer type. These comands must be send to the printer before (for init) you start to print and often also while you print (print mode changing, print position,...)

If you have an OS that supports printing - like Windows - things are much easier:
Drivers for the supported printers are already installed.
You print like you would draw on the screen regardless what kind of printer is used.


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You can also use fopen if it is LPT1, LPT2 or any other printing device.

   FILE * hPrinter;
   hPrinter=fopen("LPT1", "wb");

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how aboout in graphic mode?please list the source for me?

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You should!!!! tell wich operating system
DOS: Hard, no OS support, you have to do it for each printer type by yourself.
Select all the printers you want to support.
Buy them to test your printer output.
Read the command table of each printer.
select the commands you need for your printings.
build the output(mix between printer command and data to print)
and at last
printIt(char* WhatYouHaveToPint,long SizeOfWhatYouHaveToPint)
   FILE * hPrinter;
   hPrinter=fopen("LPT1", "wb");
Windows: Much easier
PrintIt(HDC PrinterDeviceContect)
If it works for one printer it should work for all printers windows has device drivers installed.

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