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Installshield Express for Delphi 4

When creating an install program using Installshield that comes with Delphi 4, I select the BDE package, and set all the options, but when I come to build the disk set an error pops up saying it can't find DATAPUMP.EXE.  This file is nowhere on my PC, or the CD, and therefore I can not make an install program.  Does anyone know anything about this?

I have had to resort to using an older version of Installshield that was given free on a cover CD, but this is for Delphi 1, and I have to rename all the BDE files when building the disks to compensate for Delphi 4.
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Datapump is only in the C/S version of Delphi.
There were some ini files at Inprise site to fix this.
Or you can fix it yourself by commenting out the Datapump lines in swdepend.ini by using ;; before the lines.
this site:

has a document on it.

here a bit of cut'n'paste :

> delete 'em... okay,  then it can't find the sqlsyb32.dll     file... not sure
> how many files it isn't going to find from there.  Why would the install
> shield for delphi 4 be trying to install by default all these files that
> don't exist and I hope aren't pertinent...???
These files are part of the Client/Server Edition of Delphi. Since the Delphi 4 Edition of Express is geared to install for Pro AND for Client/Server it includes the files for Client/Server as well. The best is you remove those files that it complains about, since you do not have those files installed.
The SQL*.DLL files are part of SQL Links, a Client/Server-only option. Datapump.* is too. So you can remove those SQL* DLLs that it complains about, as well as datapump.*.
InstallShield Software Corp.

>When I try to Build the system can't find  SQLSYB32.DLL
>What is this file and where do I find it??
Did you select SQL Links? It appears to be the case. You cannot use SQL Links without it being installed. Delphi Client/Server has it installed, but you are a Pro user must purchase SQL Links from Inprise.
Stefan Paetow
InstallShield Software Corp.

hope that helps you more
this all comes from a question from rwilson who had the same problem so it should work for you .
Regards Barry
amdoyleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.  

Regards, Andrew
amdoyleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.  

Regards, Andrew

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