Communicate with other TREE in Netware 4.10

How should I do if I want to send message or give trustee to other users at different TREE (Suppose my Tree is VIRTUAL_TREE with .cn=user1.o=VIRT) And I want to make user2 Trustee or send him message. (suppose his Tree is LAB_TREE with .cn=user2.o=LAB)
I've ever try to download CHTREE. But it seems only work with Windows95 Client only. I need to know if Novell support communication utility between Tree or is there any third party (freeware or shareware) utility allow that (communicate) under DOS Platform ? If so, what is the name of those utility and where can I reach it. Thanks a lot for any experts who willing to help solve my problem. (sorry for my bad grammar)
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If your users are in the bindery context of the servers then you may be able to do it,  otherwise you need the 32 bit client.  You may try using the latest DOS 32 bit Client, 2.7 I think.  There has been no developement in the DOS area for some time now.
As far as I know, the only way to do it is with a bindery context or with Client32 2.5 or greater.
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StTailAuthor Commented:
I already knew that, but I wonder to know how is the way exactly to do it, especially in sending message to user in other tree as mine on the fly. Will you give some examples how to do it.
Thanks a lot for your answer...

"The Send Message feature is server-centric and will only send messages to users or groups of users that are connected to a particular server. Currently, there is no way to use this feature to a send message to all users authenticated to the NDS Tree."  That quote is from Novell's Knowledge Base.  What I was talking about would require you
to be authenticated to both trees and have a connection to the server that the user you
want to send the message to is also attached to.  You can do it by browsing Network
Neighborhood and browse the tree you want, then right click on the server and select send message,  you will then see all users connected to that server.  Select the user
to send the message to.  You can right click the red N in the system tray, you will get a window with a button at the bottom that says "Show All Servers" or "Show Connected Servers" you can click it and you will get that view and the other message will show.
Select the server by clicking on it then click the select button,  wait for the information to be displayed, select the user then send the message or click show groups then select the group and send to the group.
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StTailAuthor Commented:
Pls give me more reasonable examples about tips or trick how to do it... thanks.
Novell has created a NetWare Login Script Processor command called TREE. This command is only available in the newer Novell Clients (the login script processor library is now built-in to the client, instead of being located on the server as in some older versions of the client). Specifically it must be one of the following versions or newer:

IntranetWare Client for Windows 95 version 2.11 using the LOGINW95.EXE
IntranetWare Client for Windows NT version 4.1 using the LOGINWNT.EXE or the NWGINA bootup login IntranetWare Client for Dos/Windows version 2.11 using the LOGINW31.EXE

Older clients such as VLMs and NETX will not support this functionality, since they rely on the LOGIN.EXE on the server (LOGIN.EXE's script processor library does not include the TREE command). Therefore, if an administrator wishes to automate attaching to multiple trees in a login script, Newer clients that provide a GUI login must be used.

Example: User Fred.company_a in tree A1 wishes to have a DS connection as user genuser.company_b in tree B2. Server S1B is in the B2 tree.

Initiate GUI login for user Fred.company_a, with A1 as the preferred tree. Insert a "TREE" command in the login script.

Sample login script entry:
       TREE B2\.genuser.company_b ; password (password is optional)

This format can also be used logging in as the same user in the different trees, assuming the user object has been created in both trees.

Once a TREE command has been issued, all DS requests will be directed to that tree. Any attempt to locate a DS object in the previously authenticated tree will fail until another TREE command is issued to set the focus on that tree. The following is a suggested example of how to  assign resources from a second tree to a user during login.

          DOS SET CN="%CN"
          TREE Second_Tree/
          IF MEMBER OF GROUP "Second_Tree_Group" THEN BEGIN
               MAP S:=\\2ndTreeServer\SYS:
          TREE First_Tree

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