Will NT finally replace UNIX even in UNIX dominated areas?
If not why?
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fuchsrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm sure that this is not the case.   Although Win NT will probably take over the desktop for Engineering and Scientific applications, UNIX is more robust as a server platform.   Maybe linux or Free BSD will be the predominant UNIX version.   Linux is currently the fastest growing OS which shows the strenght of UNIX.   Also, there a quite a few vendors offering UNIX based servers that are administered with a web browser and are offered at a very low cost ($1000-$2500) - which is even lower than a comparible Win NT server.

Look at Yahoo.  They run on Free BSD.  Why not NT?  Because
NT couldn't handle the volume.   Also, I believe most of the
big internets are running on UNIX or mainframes.  There will
always be a need for more power and control.   If Windows NT could provide the same level of power and control they may
take over some market share, but there will probably still be those who will stay with UNIX and mainframes.
.. any user can replace administrators password on NT
.. it's impossible to backup a complete NT without having very expensive (> $2000) additional software
.. one application one (hardware) server
.. etc. etc. etc.
(long job to do for some people at M$ ;-)
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