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Printing a dbgrid

I would like to know the easiest way to print the contents of a dbgrid.
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Set your Crystal Report Control Datasource property to your data control. Then add the following code to your print button.

    CR.ReportSource = crptDataControl
    CR.Action = 1

If you are using a bound DBGrid this will print what is in the grid


Public Sub GridExport(GridToExport _
   As Object, FileName As String, Optional _
   Delimiter As Variant, Optional _
   EncloseStrings As Variant)
   Dim iNumRows As Integer
   Dim iNumCols As Integer
   Dim iFileNumber As Integer
   If IsMissing(Delimiter) Then
      Delimiter = vbTab
   End If
   If IsMissing(EncloseStrings) Then
      EncloseStirngs = "" 
   End If
   iFileNumber = FreeFile
   Open FileName For Output As #iFileNumber
   For iNumRows = 0 To _
      GridToExport.rows - 1
      GridToExport.Row = iNumRows
      For iNumCols = 0 To _
         GridToExport.Cols - 1
         GridToExport.col = iNumCols
         'if it isn't the first column,
         'put a delimiter before the value
         If iNumCols > 0 Then
            Print #iFileNumber, Delimiter;
         End If
         Print #iFileNumber, EncloseStrings & _
            GridToExport.Text & EncloseStrings;
      Next iNumCols
      Print #iFileNumber, "" 
   Next iNumRows
   Close #iFileNmuber
End Sub

Private Sub cmdExport_Click()
   Call GridExport(MSFlexGrid1, "c:/test.csv", ",", Chr$(34))
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
   MSFlexGrid1.AddItem "Sam Huggill"
   MSFlexGrid1.AddItem "VB Square"
End Sub

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