Mac Outllok 98 CLient and HTML file association

The email client Mac Outlook 98 - and the workstation also  has Netscape 4.0x installed. When we receive an email that has an embedded hyperlink - clicking on the hyperlink results in the Desktop Printer Utility coming up. So how do I change the association? On the other machines we had to  browse and find the Netscape application - but on this one a user got there first...


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vision88Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If there is nowhere in the preferences that allows you to change this file association, I would suggest going into the System folder-->preferences, and remove the Outlook Express preferences. When you restart the application, you will be back to square one and should be able to reset your various associtions.
MorayAuthor Commented:

I cannot find the Outlook preferences - this is not Outlok Express but Outlook - Exchange Server Ed for PowerMacs. I am leaning towards removing all the Exchange Pref and the Outlook information that I can find and then reinstalling. At this point however I do not want to miss anything for the uninstall in case the problem reoccurs.
The beauty of reinstalling is that the old preferences are written over, so there is no danger of using old prefs with a new install of an application. But if there are no prefs in the Preferences folder, then perhaps they are located in the application's folder itself. If you can't find them though, a fresh install should solve the problem.
MorayAuthor Commented:

SO much for this idea. I had a colleague reinstall and the problem still exists. Any other ideas. The machine is running OS8 and also has the MS Word and Excel for Mac installed. ALl other machines in the area are alright - it is only this one.
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