Use CGI on a floppy.

I need to be capable of showing my website to a group of people on a computer without the internet but a browser.  I need to show them CGI too.  Is there a way that I can create an artificial CGI-BIN that the computer will use without the internet?  If possible I would like it to fit on a 3X5" floppy.

Thank You
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Nathan Stanford SrSenior ProgrammerCommented:
This would be tough because if I understand what your saying you want to show them on their Computer which means NO WEB SERVER on their computer.  You could on a laptop but my guess is you already know that.  

If my guesses are correct you are looking for a WebServer and CGI on a Floppy....

Doubt it is out there although it is possible just doubt you can find it.
winwizAuthor Commented:
Well, I don't know how to emulate a CGI-BIN on a regular computer (laptop)  at least tell me how it is possible to do that.  Because I create web sites for people and I MUST show them CGI (online ordering ) applications without the internet.
Nathan Stanford SrSenior ProgrammerCommented:
Great, I can answer this one.

If you have Win 95 or Win 98 the name of the CGI-Bin will be Scripts if you install the Personal Web Server (PWS)

1. Installing the PWS on  Win 95

Start - Settings - Control Panel - Network - Add - Service - Microsoft - Personal Web Server.

2. Installing the PWS on Win 98

Put in the Win 98 CD find PWS Directory then run Setup or Install (I forget which) it installs everything.

NEXT  What kind of CGI do you want?

Perl, ASP, else.

Your PWS is ready the http://ComputerName/Scripts is your CGI-Bin

found in C:\webshare\scripts  or c:\inetpub\scripts

By the way I have a PWS installed on a Win 95 and a Win 98 for testing purposes at home.  I am a web Developer/Designer/Programmer.

If you have a problem getting the computer name to call of the Personal Web Server then you have two choices.  1 use   (This is defaulted to Local Host) or  open a text file in your c:\Windows\ Called either Hosts.sam or Hosts.   In this file you need a Line with the number then one TAB then the Name you want the server to be which would work best if you name it the same as the computer.

This should get you going.

If you want Perl CGI go to and download the newest PERL which is now called ActivePerl and install it.
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try this site... .. they have a 1.44Mb challenge...
and they fit webserver, browser etc in it...

though I DON'T think it REALLY solves your needs...
nonetheless, such a thing exists...
and unless u want to switch platform etc..

another trick ... depending on your cashflow..
is to register your own domain , have your own box..

so say your domain is

then u setup a site
it will go to whatever client's DEMO site
Nathan Stanford SrSenior ProgrammerCommented:
Trick.... he has NO CONNECTION to a PHONE/NETWORK!   He wants to DEMO  OFFLINE.   He does not have to buy a domain to do this offline.   If you have any problems let me know.  I have done this at work plenty to show the VP's something and to make sure the connection to the network or internet did not mess up something.  Also it speeds of the access so you can more quickly demo what you need to demo.  

You can even install Cold Fusion and ASP, so you can demo Database connectivity.


winwizAuthor Commented:
This is helpful, but I MUST run Perl scripts.  Can you guide me through making the perl scripts work?
If so you'll get an Excellent!  for sure!!
I'm not sure there is a way to accomplish this.  To run perl, you MUST install perl on the computer, and it takes a bit of time to do, not to mention it is a 4 meg file.  If you want to demonstrate it as it would appear in a browser, then you also must install a webserver (Apache is about 3 megs, it is the most widely used webserver on the net) and a browser, and those can be a few more megs (if you get NS 3)

In short, there is probably no solution to your problem unless you can bring in about 10 disks and install a ton of software on his computer, or you can do it on a laptop.
If you happen to have a copy of Acrobat 4.0 (not the free Acrobat Reader), you can use the Acrobat Spider to capture a "demo-session" directly to PDF. Take the PDF-file and the Acrobat Reader along and you client will see your site in all it's beauty. You can actually submit different forms and have them embedded in the PDF-document.

Just a thought
Nathan Stanford SrSenior ProgrammerCommented:
I assumed you would want Perl Scripts.  They are ones I can do.

1. Install the PWS if you have not.
    If you have problems with that then let me know.
2. Download ActivePerl from it is a big file
    Install it.   when it says let it associate things and has check boxes let it do it for you.

Name your perl scripts *.plx  instead of *.pl  Which means you will have to edit any scripts you have and change the .pl to .plx  Then you should be fine.

I have it working right now on my machine.
winwizAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks Nathans.  You're awesome.  I modified the registry to recognize .plx and .cgi as CGI applications in my browser. It works great!

Nathan Stanford SrSenior ProgrammerCommented:
Your welcome.  Glad to help... I had to learn it on my own about 3 years ago.  I also had to do more then install.

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winwizAuthor Commented:
thanks again!
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