What is conagent.exe ?

When I executed a program, I got an error message that mentioned something about a file conagent.exe. I later found out that it was a file in the windows system folder. Could anybody tell me the significance of this file and other files in the system folder. Is there any help available that explains the role played by the various files that are present here ?
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knowmeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

That file was certainly corrupted in your in Windows\System directory. If you goto Find Files in start menu, check the file size if it is 15KB. If not, then it is corrupted. You can find the conagent.exe file from the Windows 95 CD-ROM.

This article lists the files included with the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Supplement on the Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2.1 and 2.5 CD-ROM.


<CD-ROM>:\Other\USB Folder
Readme   txt         2,045  05-01-97 12:14p readme.txt
Rem      pss         1,864  05-01-97 12:14p rem.pss
Usbsupp  exe       964,960  05-01-97 12:14p usbsupp.exe
Readme.txt File

Text file containing installation/uninstallation instructions and general information.
Rem.pss File

Text file used to uninstall the USB Supplement.

Usbsupp.exe File

Detroit  exe        21,504  04-10-97 12:14p detroit.exe
Wdmusb   exe       896,864  04-10-97  7:21p wdmusb.exe

Wdmusb.exe File

Autoexec bat           259  04-10-97 12:14p autoexec.bat
Conagent exe        14,596  04-10-97 12:14p conagent.exe
Detroit  inf         8,926  04-10-97 12:14p detroit.inf
Devlib   exe        35,417  04-10-97 12:14p devlib.exe
Image    inf         3,922  04-10-97 12:14p image.inf
Imagecls sys         9,936  04-10-97 12:14p imagecls.sys
Kernel32 dll       409,600  04-10-97 12:14p kernel32.dll
Krnl386  exe       124,480  04-10-97 12:14p krnl386.exe
License  txt        10,127  04-10-97 12:14p license.txt
Nodriver inf         4,603  04-10-97 12:14p nodriver.inf
Ntkern   vxd       111,662  04-10-97 12:14p ntkern.vxd
Openhci  sys        30,720  04-10-97 12:14p openhci.sys
Redirect mod         4,313  04-10-97 12:14p redirect.mod
Rplcldr  exe         8,307  04-10-97 12:14p rplcldr.exe
Spoolss  dll        86,528  04-10-97 12:14p spoolss.dll
Uhcd     sys        38,496  04-10-97 12:14p uhcd.sys
Usb      inf         4,517  04-10-97 12:14p usb.inf
Usbcamd  sys        20,560  04-10-97 12:14p usbcamd.sys
Usbd     sys        18,240  04-10-97 12:14p usbd.sys
Usbhub   sys        28,256  04-10-97 12:14p usbhub.sys
Vcond    vxd        53,435  04-10-97 12:14p vcond.vxd
Vfwwdm   drv        17,072  04-10-97 12:14p vfwwdm.drv
Vfwwdm32 dll        49,152  04-10-97 12:14p vfwwdm32.dll
Vmcpd    vxd        18,578  04-10-97 12:14p vmcpd.vxd
Vmm      vxd       427,528  04-10-97 12:14p vmm.vxd
Vpicd    vxd        47,252  04-10-97 12:14p vpicd.vxd
Vtd      vxd        12,811  04-10-97 12:14p vtd.vxd
Vwin32   vxd        52,457  04-10-97 12:14p vwin32.vxd
Vxdldr   vxd        39,237  04-10-97 12:14p vxdldr.vxd
Winoa386 mod        61,680  04-10-97 12:14p winoa386.mod

Dear ghins76,

I think the conagent is used for ping test in a connected environment such as LAN and Internet. Are you using any networking function?

from stanley.
Dear Ghins76,

To confirm my previous statement, after you have conagent.exe in your c:\windows\system directory, you can run the following test:

1. rename conagent.exe to conagent.old
2. ping a known ip address or website.

You will noticed that your ping.exe can not be executed.
3. rename conagent.old back to its original name ===> conagent.exe
4. ping a known ip address or website.

The ping test will return a result.

from stanley
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