What are the files to include?

I have complied a VC program that runs well on my computer that is used to develop the software. However, when I go to other machines, it asked me for a lot of other dlls... and after included whatever dll it asked in the parent directory, it also ask for some files that are found in the directory where you installed Visual C++ under mfc\src directory. May I know what causes this 'strange' or 'normal' behaviour? May I know how to get around this problem so that I can pass the complied files to my friends? Thank you very much for your help! :)
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Easy Solution: Statically link to MFC (you won't require additional DLLs)

Not-so-Easy Solution: You will need all MFC*.DLL files in your Windows\System directory, as well as some for DAO if you use databases. Check in the Redist folder in your Visual C++ CD for files you should distribute.

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msvcrt.dll for the c runtime dll
mfc40(d).dll for vc5 (debug version)
mfc42(d).dll for vc6 (debug version)

you can install the quick view of win9X.
right click the exe file and select the quick view,
you can find what dll are need.

Try this command .
dumpbin /dependents "filename".
This will give you files on which your app is dependent.Include these files in the  path or in the same directory as your app.

dumpbin.exe is included in vc++ install. It will be in devstudio\vc\bin directory.

tszwangAuthor Commented:
Hi luisr! Thank you very much. The problem is solved. The source of the problem in the end is that I did not include a file that is to be read by the program. Once that is in the correct directory, the program stops asking me for any other files! Thank you very much for your help!!! :) Cheers! Nice meeting you! :)
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