Modem Drivers

Where can I get a driver for a Texas Instruments  56K PnP modem NVR...

I've tried the TI Site, like the needle in a haystack.
Thanks in advance
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swcoleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simplicity in the finest form. Go the and click on "Who made my modem?" Follow the instructions and it will lead you to the drivers. Been there, done that.
the TI site is rather blahhhhhhhhh

Is this a TI modem, or is it a modem with TI chips onboard.

TI does not make modems... They make CHIPSETS for the modems. You'll need to find the model number, or FCC number, to identify the actual manufacturer. On the other hand, I seem to recall that these are usually USR compatible, and Windows should detect them as standard modems. If not, use the USR 56K and see what happens.
What is the 'FCC ID' (printed onto a gummy-label,
which is attached to the back of the modem) ??

This will identify your modem,
and lead us to a specific web-site.

If the "generic" drivers do work,
start HyperTerminal, and send 'ATH3' and 'ATI0' and 'ATI3'
to the modem,
and tell us the responses you get.
jfairleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info, it still took me a bit of finding out thought.

Thanks again..
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