Datagrid And checkBox

I'm trying to use datagrid and I need to set up a colum as checkbox. I've try with the properties windows, with the dataformat and numberformat instruction but the column stay in a simple numeric format (o or 1).
Any Idea
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vettrangerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The datagrid control probably has the longest list of known bugs of any of the 'newbies' included in VB6.

In this case the function that seems to be promised by the inclusion of the item in the Format listbox simply looks not to exist.

If you need a lot of advanced grid functionality, its best to bite the bullet and get an advanced grid control. Apex Software's True DBGrid 6, and Videosoft's grid controls seem to be the two most favored.

You can download demos of both of them at

Visual Basic grid controls are actually pared down versions of these two companies grids anyway, and they'll never 'give away' all their best features inside VB.
Use True DB Grid or Farpoint Spreadsheet
This cannot be done using a DB Grid. You can use third party control Data Widgets from Sheridan, to get the thing as easy as you want it (just by clicking certain property of the column you can make it a check box). But this shall require that you procure these controls, if you already don't have one!.

The other way out is to desing a check box control on the form and move it along with the grid cell. This is cumbersome and requires a lot of coding, and it is like re-inventing the wheel.
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gcoAuthor Commented:
I'm not using DBgrid but datagrid, and in the datagrid properties there's an option to set up the field as Checkbox,but it doesn't work. What I want to know is how to use this properties...
Is it possible that you are using the MSFlexGrid?  If so you are correct, there is a property called CellCheck.  If this is the case, let me know and I can post some code and suggestions for you.  I have taken a quick glance at the MS DataGrid Control and do not see that the functionality is supported directly.
gcoAuthor Commented:

I use Datagrid (SP3) and in the format list propsed there's checkbox.

OK, let me doble check it when I get into the office
Sorry did not mean to post that as an answer....
gcoAuthor Commented:
No problem's...
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